I’d packed up all my gear. Ryan had a phone interview at 11, so I said goodbyes to the rafting adventure crew we’d shared the cook shelter with and walked down the bike path to the Squamish Adventure Center for some coffee. When Ryan rocked up, we piled into his Tacoma and drove for Vancouver. The rain had finally shut down climbing at Squamish.

We rolled into Van famished. Ryan knew a sushi spot, so I yelped it and we made our way there. It was a sushi factory. The place was hustling and turning over. We sat down, I didn’t have much time to oogle at the amazing sushi prices before we ordered. Then bam, the sushi was before us and we gorged. I’d never been so full on sushi for so cheap before. As I forced the last bite of raw salmon into my mouth, the bills slammed down on our table. We paid and were kicked out the door to free our table for the next set of mouths.

When I flew into BC a month before, I’d only briefly been in Vancouver. Really just long enough to get on a bus to Horseshoe Bay to meet my old roommate Charlie and get picked up by Ryan to hit Squamish. So I had missed all the pleasures of the city.

The next day Ryan and I walked all over Van. We made our way to Stanley Park so we could jump in the ocean. It wasn’t as cold as I thought it would be for September. We hiked around and then headed into the city. For dinner we found a sushi spot and ordered take out. The weight of the bags they brought out were surprising. For our dining table we found a park bench. Again, so much excellent sushi for so cheap.  Seriously, I would move to Vancouver just for the delicious sushi. It really is too good.

I snapped the above photo on our walk back to his truck. No parking ticket made the day end well.

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