Friday Rocks #30: Prograde Delta Deposit

Prograding Delta in Owens Valley
Photo by Tim Sherry

This week’s Friday Rocks is a prograding delta deposit from Owen’s Valley. The steeply dipping beds mark the edge of the delta building out into the lake floor.


Friday Rocks #29: Carlsbad Fault

Carlsbad Fault
Photo by Tim Sherry

I snapped this photo of the Carlsbad fault when we stopped on our way to Carlsbad Caverns. Up close, one of the beds in the hanging wall is oolitic.

Photo by Tim Sherry

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Friday Rocks #27: Asbestos and serpentine in dunite

Asbestos and Serpentine in Dunite
Photo by Tim Sherry

This outcrop comes from near one of Quebec’s great asbestos mines. The brown rock is an ultramafic rock composed mostly of olivine called Dunite. The minerals which precipitated in the fracture across the diagonal of the photo are serpentine and asbestos. These minerals grew perpendicular to the direction of opening.

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