Currently Solicitating Content Suggestions for a LaTeX Seminar

LaTeX (pronounced Lay-Tek) is a powerful document preparation language developed by and for scientists for writing manuscripts, journal articles, and even presentations. I’ve blogged about various aspects before here and  here on Upsection.

My advisor and I are currently organizing an Intro to LaTeX seminar for grads and u-grads here at McGill. Content we’re planning on covering includes:

  • Getting started with LaTeX (selecting and installing TeX software) 
  • General journal formatting, templates, dictionaries, and style files 
  • Figures and captions 
  • Tables 
  • Equations and special characters 
  • Building your reference library 
  • Resources, help, and cheatsheets 
  • Adapting your manuscript to McGill’s LaTeX thesis template (something I’ll be doing soon and I’m sure other MSc and PhD students will be interested in).

Are there any topics we’re missing? The purpose of the seminar is not to be all-encompassing, but to provide enough direction and resources to get students started with using LaTeX.

So what helped you when you started using LaTeX? Any tips or advice we should share with our students? Let us know in the comments!

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