Shifting Gears and Changing Lanes

I suppose this blog post is long overdue. This summer I was in Houston, Texas working as a geology intern for a major oil corporation. I had a great time working for the company and made a lot of friends. Some of whom I’m looking forward to seeing at the upcoming GSA meeting in Denver.

I also worked with seismic reflection data for the first time. I became fascinated by the data and the large scale structures it allows the interpreter to see. While I was diving in head first I read a short guidebook on seismic interpreting. First Steps in Seismic Interpretation by Donald A. Herron really helped me out as I was getting used to thinking about seismic data. I liked it so much that I was planning on writing a book review, but Thomas Martin wrote one for Agile Geoscience and beat me to the punch. I agree with his review, so writing another would be redundant, check it out!

Although this summer I didn’t work in salt, the exposure to colleagues work got me fascinated with salt tectonics. I hope to be working on salt structures in the future and have plenty of ideas for blog posts.

While in Houston I was working nights and weekends tying together my PhD proposal. Defining my project was a stressful, eye-opening, and educational endeavor. However, after a short rock climbing vacation in California, by the time I returned to Montreal I was feeling the pull of different winds. I’ve decided to switch from a PhD to a MSc. I have enough data that I can go ahead and write up the work I’ve completed. When faced with 1 more year or 3 more years in Montreal, I decided that I was ready for a change of pace and to try the world outside of academia.

Looking forward to the many adventures to come!

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