Live from #AGU12 Day 1

Okay, so not quite “live”. Today was a bit hectic. I was presenting my poster in the afternoon, and met with visiting family in the morning (I can’t believe I haven’t seen them for 11 months!). I still managed to see a few talks. Cecilia Cheung spoke about the effects of grainsize distribution on compaction band development. A heterogeneous grainsize inhibits compaction banding. I then bounced over to a different room to catch M Doane discuss the affects of talc content on fault friction and style. An increasing talc content creates a diffuse anastimosing shear network. 

I missed the much-hype curiosity announcement. Sounds like the data is solid and awesome, but no huge discoveries.
My poster session was a lot of fun. I got some good feedback and am looking forward to thinking more on my ideas. Time for some more beer!

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