AGU Fall Meeting Just around the corner!

Corona Heights Fault from tsherry on Vimeo.

WOWZERS?! This has been a hell of a past few weeks getting my poster together for the annual AGU Fall Meeting in San Francisco.

I’ve finally got my poster done. Check it out on AGU ePosters.

I’ll be presenting my work from Summer mapping in Namibia. Come find me Monday afternoon in T13E: Earthquake deformation: Integrating Observations and Mechanisms II in Moscone South.

My research group is planning on heading out to the Corona fault in the Castro district look look at an awesome anastimosing fault surface with slicken lines so smooth you can see your reflection. I think there will also be a blogger meet up at some point?

Other goals for my return to California:

  • Catch up with friends
  • Become supersatruated with the best IPAs (and beer in general) in the World
  • Eat so many lengua tacos and so many carnitas burritos.

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