Elegant Visualization of Current Global Earthquakes

Thanks to Matt Hall (@kwinkunksand Jesper Dramsch (@JesperDramsch) for posting this link on Twitter!

Data comes from the USGS Earthquake Hazards program and includes all earthquakes over M 5.5. Created by Boyd Greenfield, check it out here: http://boydgreenfield.com/quakes/


Awesome USGS North American Geologic Map Overlay

The USGS has posted an awesome North America Geologic map overlay for Google Earth. The geologic map is high resolution even when zoomed in. Also available for download are GIS shapefiles and links to webmap services.

Get all these cool files from the USGS right here: http://ngmdb.usgs.gov/gmna/

Italian seismologists convicted of manslaughter

Following the M6.3 L’Aquila earthquake in April of 2009, Italian seismologists and government officials were indicted for multiple accounts of manslaughter. The scientific community responded with widespread criticism.

The events leading up to the conviction, the conviction itself, and implications for the scientific and hazard-risk assessment communities was thoroughly summarized by Austin Elliot on his blog The Trembling Earth.

Please take some time to read his take on this event: http://tremblingearth.wordpress.com/2012/10/23/conviction-of-italian-seismologists-a-nuanced-warning/