Geoconvention 2012 Vision: Day 1

I’ve been in Calgary, Alberta first for a short course on sequence stratigraphy and now for the conference Geoconvention 2012: Vision. After finally finding the badge pick up booth, I started circling interesting talks.

I ended up spending the first half of the morning in the session titled Carbonates from Canada and Abroad. Hans G. Machel discussed the karsts of Barbados including natural oil seep pools at the surface. The talk was very exciting and included amazing photographs of caves and sea stacks. A masters student mapped 2830 sinkholes. The age of the rocks? Less than 1 million years. That’s some fast processing.

For the afternoon I sat in on Structure and Tectonic Styles of Fold and Thrust Belts – Dr. Eric W. Mountjoy Honorary Session. This session was amazing. It highlighted the amazing work and life of Eric Mountjoy, who produced a map of Jasper Park’s Miette area, and studied the area for much of his life. Many of the speakers in the session were former students of his and their talks centered on the research they did under him. This session was particularly interesting to me as I am studying thrust faults in a nappe complex and had just visited the Canadian Rockies (Banff)for the first time over the weekend. Here are the presentation topics for those interested in learning about them:

Raymond A. Price presented on the Cordilleran Foreland Thrust-and-Fold Belt in southern Canada
Daniel Lebel presented on Transfer zones.
Stephen E. Grasby discussed the Development of the Selwyn Range Shear Zone in Relation to Middle Miette Facies Change
Normand Begin discussed fieldwork in a landmine area and the Influence of Pre-existing Extensional Faulting and Foredeep Basin Geometry.
Margot McMechan presented on Structural Style and Kinematic Evolution of the Central Rockie Mountain Foothills.

Looking forward to tomorrow. I have yet to pick out which talks I will be attending…

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