Yellow Bank Creek Complex #SciWrite DONE! and more news

So I finally finished my #SciWrite manuscript. I just submitted a manuscript to G-Cubed: Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems. The manuscript was based on my undergraduate thesis at UC Santa Cruz on the Yellow Bank Creek Complex, the world’s largest known exposed sand injectite complex. It’s an amazing outcrop. I’ll be writing a field trip guide for the outcrop in the near future, a version of which will be posted here. I’m very excited to finally get it off my desk. Now I can get back to blogging! And onto planning summer field work, grading those labs…

Northern side of Yellow Bank Creek Complex outcrop. Yellow-tan sandstone is limonite cemented. Blue-grey sand is dolomite cemented.

Also, now that I have a submitted manuscript I updated my CV with it and finally set my McGill webpage live. I have a lot of awesome pictures posted there. Check it out. Please if you have any comments about that site (or this site too!) I’d love to hear feedback. Am I missing something crucial to my webpage that every grad student should have?, ect. Let me know!

I also want to work on a re-design for this blag, that’s on my farthest backburner, though. Any ideas?

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