#Sciwrite update: Week 2

It’s been two weeks since Anne at Highly Allochthonous posed her writing challenge. Last week I posted a backwards calendar for what I need to get done before the AGU Fall meeting:

December 4th, 8am: Fly out to San Francisco for AGU.
December 3rd, 5pm: Department Christmas party. Definitely no work is getting done after this. Must be packed for AGU, and cook a dish for the party. Manuscript should be done and off my desk.
December 1st: Abstract done. Off my desk for revision.
November 25th: Poster deadline for AGU print services. Poster must be completed, reviewed, completed again. Includes all new data, figures, ect. This is the BIG ONE.
November 14th: Discussion will be written. After this I’m going into 100% poster mode to get my figures done.
November 12th: Results and Interpretation will be re-written to incorporate new data.

So how did I do?

I didn’t quite have my results and interpretation finished by the 12th. As for my discussion, got that finished last night.

Even though I’m making progress, I feel a little behind schedule because I’ve been putting of making the figures I need, pretty and publishable. This is a time consuming process, because I want my figures to be awesome.

How’d you do on your #Sciwrite goals?

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